About Us

It started with a dream…

The Digital Crayon is the dream child of LJ Howard and Cynthia Rockwell. Between the two of them, they have been working for companies for decades to make them successful. They have now decided to branch off and create their own business that they own to help companies become successful, all while allowing their dream to come to life…owning their own business.

The Digital Crayon knows that your business is your dream too and you want it to be successful. But when you are running a business it is hard to handle all of the issues that come up daily. Let The Digital Crayon help you!


LJ Howard

I have been in sales for over 20 years working in a variety of businesses and roles. I prefer to come in and see what it is your business needs and develop a plan customized for you. I deal mostly in sales, marketing and SEO for the websites and will be the first person you worth with on our team.


Cynthia Rockwell

After working in Customer Service for over 20 years, I understand how to treat customers. My goal is to put myself in your shoes and think of what it is you would want and then deliver than and more. As the Web Designer for The Digital Crayon, I use my technical skills to bring your website to life on the Internet.


Lacey Howard

As the dedicated Graphic Artist for The Digital Crayon, I literally take your dreams and make them manifest before your eyes. Do you have a logo you like but want to change it slightly? Did you see a logo you liked but want it changed enough to be your own? Let me help you create exactly what you want!




What does Clifford do? What can’t he do? Clifford is our all around assistant who helps us with everything in the office.



Tina is the lady who keeps us organized. From scheduling to paperwork prep she is the gal who helps keep us going!



Prep work is his main gig. He takes all our heavy lifting and preparations and make it his main goal.