• Project Initiation Phase – a project is formally started, named and defined at a broad level during this phase. …
  • Project Planning Phase – a project management plan is developed comprehensively of individual plans for – cost, scope, duration, quality, communication, risk and resources.
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Marketing And Sales

When I first started out in sales a LONG time ago (yes Im 46 years old in July lol) we didn’t have the technology that we have today. We had just a few ways to generate leads, cold calls, door knocking and the yellow pages were the top 3 places to put your busniess out there. Lets face it, no one likes to knock doors. The internet came along and this new way to generate revenue was born. We went from brick and mortar to click and mortar and some have gone to nothing but online businesses. Lets look at Amazon for a moment. They alone are revlutionizing how we do business. The millennials have a thirst to order something and get it right now. I find myself drinking from that same glass and now I can’t stop! Its super easy. You go online, find something on Amazon, click what you want and poof, thats it. I have a Alexa so sometimes I tell her to order it for me.

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